Time for a clean start


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  1. Hi Janine, I always enjoy your intelligent and amusing eye. Please keep them coming in the New Year. Heather

    • Heather! How lovely to hear from you. First comment of the new year! Grazie! I will try ;-) Hoping you are well and still enjoying all the delights of your beloved Italy!

  2. Oh Janine, this just made me laugh!! When do we get to see you again?

    • Nina, cara! Thank you. I am so happy I made you laugh with this one! I would like to hope – with fingers and toes crossed – that I’ll be back ‘home’ in the Spring…. and that we’ll catch up this time. Meanwhile I wish you both a wonderful new year in your Umbrian idyll ;-) xox

  3. Shelagh said:

    Happy New Year Janine and I hope 2014 holds all kinds of interesting things for you!

    • Thank you!! Wishing you a new year full of surprises and lovely new discoveries Shelagh. I know you’re always on the look out for those…. I hope I haven’t been missing too many of your blog posts. I have been off the air just lately…. I hope you’re happier than ever and I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to…. xx

  4. jann said:

    So cute! Leave it to the Italians to have creative store windows, and to you, Janine, to find the perfect captions for your charming photos. Have a wonderful 2014 and may it be filled with trips to Italy.

    • Hey Jann, thank you! I’ve been saving this one ;-) I wish you another year of love and beauty in Sicily. I feel you’re really in your element there. It’s such a treat when your posts show up in my inbox. I love your words and pics in equal measure I think.

      Well let’s hope your lovely wishes for me come true! There’s nothing I would love more. Buon anno cara! xx

  5. Very cute Janine. Happy New Year, all the best for 2014 :-)

    • Hi Cathy! Another year! Wishing you a 2014 just exactly as you would like it to be. I get the feeling you’re in a good place for you. I so enjoy your blogs and look forward to another year of glimpses! ;-) Buon anno cara!! xx

  6. Questa foto รจ bellissima – creativa e originale – come piace a me. Sembra una foto fatta per una rivista di design.
    Tantissimi auguri amica miaaa. xxx

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