Hold the phone

phone 3 ways DSC07956

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  1. Great post Janine. Two different perspectives :-)

    • Hey Cathy! Exactly right. And yet each would be lost without their phone by the look. I do love the expression on the guy’s face though. At least he’s looking at the masterwork of a piazza in front of him with his own eyes! x

  2. jann said:

    Love these shots, Janine!
    Italians should spend less time looking at their telefonini than at the wonders around them. (In my humble opinion. :))

    • Do I sense a pet dislike there Jann??? ;-) Alas it’s a worldwide phenomenon but even sadder in a place like Italy I totally agree. There’s so much you might miss out on while staring and scrolling into a phone! Look up and have a great week! xx

    • In fact Deb, you are just about the only ‘Italian’ I’ve known of late without her mobile phone in constant view, now I think back…. I include myself here as some calls just have to be answered… ;-) You and Jann are absolutely right though.

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