Let there be light

DSC09449 DSC09448DSC09452

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  1. Robyn said:

    Love this first image, Janine. That hint of green moss at the base is delightful!

  2. jann said:

    Sometimes it’s hard, in Italy’s little medieval alleyways to find LIGHT, that all-important ingredient for photos, but you’ve found it, Janine! You always made me “homesick” for Umbria. xxx

    • Did you know, Jann, that Santa Lucia (for who this lovely sunny side street is named) was a Sicilian. From Syracusa no less! I found that out only after your lovely words and loved the connection. I am happy to be the one to tug your heart – maybe I’ll haul it all the way back up to Umbria one day!

  3. “… and there was light”. That is so clever, having green moss in the B&W and not in the colour. I suspect electronic trickery here. :) As always, well done, Janine.

    • Thanks so much Ken. Nothing much escapes your keen eye and you always make a note of telling me so! x

    • (Via) Santa Lucia might have something to do with it too!

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