Old habits die hard

Friggitore FI DSC07887

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  1. jann said:

    Janine, is this something like a big frigo? Never heard of such a place/store….

    • Good try! But you’re about as far off the scent as you could be dear Jann. Friggitore is where you (used to) go to get your fried food fix! In fact I was a little surprised, given the first place I saw anything remotely like this place would have been late one night in Catania. People where queuing up for deep fried donut-style pastries stuffed with ricotta or anchovy…. ;-) This one was around the corner from San Lorenzo in Florence but I have to admit it was the signage that turned my head ;-) xx

    • They fry, Deb ;-) Though I’m sure business isn’t what it used to be. I for one just haven’t got what it takes when it comes to fried food.

  2. I’m getting mixed signals from this cryptic post, Janine. My first thought from the picture was gelato, but surely not fried gelato?

    • Oh dear Ken. If I’m being too cryptic these days please say. Gelato it wasn’t but you got the fried part right 100% ;-)

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