Now you see me

Shop window scarpe PG

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    • Thanks Cathy! A bit of a cheeky one on the fly, but as long as it made you smile…. ;-)

  1. jann said:

    Very cool shot, Janine! Love the mystery, mirrors/windows and the repeating white shoes. xxxx

    • Thanks sweet Jann! ;-) Haha…. shades of David Lynch do you think?

  2. Helen said:

    Blue / suede shoes??! Nice!

    • Very nice Helen…. I always, always love your cheery comments. Suede shoes – blue or any other shade – are one of life’s great luxuries I think, and one of our biggest potential sources of heartbreak. Much like the men destined to wear these little beauties I suppose you could say. ;-)

  3. Wow, reflections and a selfie to boot (terrible pun); or do you just fancy the footwear?

    • Touche’ Ken! I can tell you in all sincerity the dreaded ‘selfie’ was a total surprise. Nice shoes and a nice store fitout are much more my thing ;-) x

    • I’ll see what I can do Jeannie….. Lovely to see you too!!! xox

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