But there’s a catch


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  1. jann said:

    Beautiful abstract shot, Janine. Love that pink splotch!

    • Thank you so much Jann. I’m addicted to these quirky abstracts I think! I’m glad you find something to like about them too. ;-)

  2. Great shot, Janine. It’s an old catch! Incidentally, using full screen and magnified display, (taking advantage of the 4Mb), you can see detail of every grain in the exposed aggregate. Have you really taken 86,031 photos with this camera?

    • Haha Ken. I don’t doubt that statistic for a moment, though it does frighten me just a little I have to say. Thank you for taking the time to take a closer look. I love that! That catch looks as old as the wall itself doesn’t it?

  3. Helen said:

    Am already hooked… ;-)

    • O Helen, me too. And the good news is there’s nothing we can do about it. xo

  4. Lovely picture. Makes you wonder why this thing was ever fixed to the wall? It must have had its purpose?

    • Thank you! It does make you wonder…. Italians are an inventive bunch ;-)

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