Lucky colours

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  1. jann said:

    :) Have you ever tried Totocalcio, Janine? I see you’re having fun in your photo editing program!!!

    • Jann you know I’ve only ever played once… never really understood what was going on though. Do you like the colour filters. It’s an effect on the camera itself. I know you’re much more of a photo editing buff than I am. I am flat out staying ahead of instagram and photogrid. It’s fun though I agree. A great way to refurbish old images, memories even. Buona domenica cara amica! xx

  2. I tried buying tickets, but was horribly disappointed when I didn’t win anything, so I stopped.

    • Well I can understand how that would have put you off Deb! Somehow I’ve always had a soft spot for the lotto graphics and signage in Italy though I can remember playing only the once.

  3. Oh, OK, I will say it. Ms Durham still has a nice voice 35 years later, and she’s Victorian. ;)

    • What an amazing gift Ken. Thank you. I’ve had a huge week I’m afraid and hadn’t granted myself the huge pleasure of listening to dear Judith until just now, Sunday evening Melbourne time! She was my first idol. I remember wearing my long dark hair over one shoulder in an effort to emulate her now iconic look. I must have been about 3….

      Who would have imagined she’d come back to me via a blog about another big passion…. A big hug to you! xox

      • .. and I was afraid I had rendered you speechless with my ‘colours’ link. {}

      • That has yet to happen Ken! I loved it!!!

  4. tutti questi segnali mi sono così familiari, ma ogni volta che li vedo su una tua foto mi sembrano immagini inedite. Lovely, as usual.

    • Carissima, grazie! Stranamente anche a me sono diventati familiari ma mi hanno ancora un fascino enorme. I tuoi commenti mi sono preziosi. Ti abbraccio. xxoo

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