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old cartoleria FI

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  1. jann said:

    Oh, how sweet Janine! Adore the blues. And you’ve just reminded me of all the cartoline I’ve got to write. xxxxx

    • Thank you Jann! Florence seems to still have many charming shops like this. I find I still buy postcards….just that I now keep them for myself. The best grace my office pinboard in fact. But I no longer take a pew in piazza and write to my friends and family as I once did. How can we revive that most beautiful of travel moments? xox

  2. Helen said:

    How kind of them to provide a little perch on which to compose your postal prose!

    • Hilarious Helen. You are too much my dear! I was wondering what on earth a step ladder was doing in the middle of the street but of course you’ve solved the mystery! xxx

  3. That’s my kind of shop Janine and I love how you’ve highlighted the blue.

    • Cathy I can well imagine how you might like to potter inside for an hour or three. Thank you! It’s nice to see there were evidently lots of sunny blue skies on the postcards too! x

  4. Ah, those Italian words we had to learn early – cartolina e francobollo per Australia :)

    • That’s so true! Bravo! I’ll bet you were a very conscientious postcard writer too Ken ;-)

  5. I don’t send postcards any more, what a pity. I used to love buying them, but the postage has doubled recently and I found that quite a few cards didn’t actually make it to Australia, so I gave up.

  6. Is this Perugia? Gosh I love the walls of that place. Great, great site here.

    • This is Florence. Karl. As you’d know, it’s only a couple of hours from Perugia and a great please for a change of pace. The photo opps there are endless. Thank you so so much for your comments. Especially this one! x

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