Miss Italy

Loving Italy isn’t my problem.  In fact it’s the part of me I love more than anything.  It’s missing Italy so much that’s the hard part.  But hey, I mean things could certainly be worse.  I live in Melbourne after all, a city that prides itself on being quite the little Europe of the southern hemisphere.  Here, if I really wanted to I could shop for Italian clothes, drink Italian coffee made by an Italian barista, buy real prosciutto San Daniele, not to mention my favourite De Cecco pasta along with a thousand other Italian staples, all without leaving my postcode.  But it’s no where near the same.  Not even close.

Destination Umbria has been going all of one week, but whatever else it might become, I would love it to be the go-to blog for everyone out there looking for a  place to indulge their Italian dreams – past, future and present.  And they’d be in good hands.  I love this stuff!  I’d eat it for breakfast if I could, alongside a proper cappuccinocornetto alla marmellata of course. And because it’s Sunday, I can’t resist sharing a scene from an Australian childhood in Italy.  My little daughter and muse, Marabella, is growing up with two cultures and two countries.  We’ve spent the last two northern winters in Perugia while it’s the long school holidays here.  She’s living the life I would have designed for myself.


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