Shop, not drop

I’m a far cry from the last of the big spenders, but let’s just say that to sustain the Italian economy over the years I’ve done my bit.  Actually I didn’t know whether to feel proud or slightly guilty the morning a beaming boutique assistant on her way to work waved at me from across Corso Vannucci like an old friend.  But like all serious aspiring mavens of Italian style, I like to share the love.

Perugia, winter afternoon

Top Tip:  However tempting, do not buy the shop window.  Slow shopping, like slow food, is so much more satisfying.  Especially in Italy.  A pair of jeans here a belt there, a foulard from the new boutique where that bookshop used to be.  You get the picture. O, and that new season cashmere you’ve fallen in love with wants first to be romanced, slowly.

Because then, when you get home, all you need to do is to slip on that perfectly fitting jacket or those classic black boots, close your eyes and you’re there.  Works for me.

Do you have stand-out Italian shopping moment you’re willing to share?  Leave me a comment!


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