Letters from the edge

When I started this blog as the centrepiece of the 30 day challenge I wasn’t sure where it would go. I’m still not, and that’s OK for now.  The challenge is a new beginning, not an end in itself. It’s about playing out your brand – personal and commercial –  in public, adapting as you go.  My big picture mission of making sense of my passion for Italy remains.  But I need focus.

So, let’s recap.  I’m in Melbourne.  I’d love to be in Perugia or somewhere else in Italy and be blogging about the life I think I was meant to have.  But I’m not.  There’s a reason for that of course.  But not now.  And yet I love to write about Italy. How Italy has changed me.  What I’ve learned.  What I miss.

Perugia, Borgo XX Giugno. I love this view towards the spire of San Pietro.

And then today, a revelation as I drove back home.  Destination Umbria is a love letter from me to Italy. A celebration and a lament.  The more I think about it, the more I like the comparison. Everybody tells me I light up when I start talking about Italy.  Colleagues and friends ask me all the time when I’m going back.  It happened again today.  Someone told me not long ago, it’s a much bigger part of who I am than even I realise.  It’s my brand.


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