Virtually Spring, Milano

A rather soggy spring racing long weekend in Melbourne is inspiring a spot of armchair time travel to more seasonal climes…

Keeping an eye out....'Camparativo' in Triennale, Milano

This photo is spring in a box for me.  It’s Easter Sunday.  And while families pic-nic-ed and tourists hustled in and out of Castello Sforzesco up the road (like I did a bit later that day) I found a little table in the brand new outdoor cafe of the Triennale along with all the other Easter orphans.  My jet lag was waning, Perugia beckoned, and I still had another two and a half days and three dinners ( I’m one of those odd creatures who loves to dine out alone*) all to myself with more things on my to-do list that I could possibly actually do.  Nothing could have suited me more.

The Camparativo bar is by architect Matteo Ragni

*Top tip: I didn’t know it then of course, but the next day, Pasquetta, I would discover the wonderful, old school Trattoria Torre di Pisa in Milan’s arty Zona Brera quarterabout 10 minutes walk from my hotel. (Click here to see why I was in such a good mood!)  Suffice to say dinner was sorted for my last two nights in Milan, entertainment included. The menu might be Tuscan but the clientele is Milanese DOC.


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