Wait and see

I’ve lost my voice this week.  I’m not sure of reason.  I think i might be trying too hard or that because of the momentous political upheavals playing out in Italy my musings seemed a little out of place.  So today I’m letting the pictures do the talking.

The Benedictine church of San Pietro...view from the cloister

The basilica of San Pietro...view from the abbey gardens

When I want to reflect and take time out in Perugia I come here, to the abbey of San Pietro.  There are never too many people.  Gardeners and students mostly.  I like the view from the stone bench at the top of the medieval gardens, the orto medioevo, overlooking city walls.  I come to sit.  Maybe call a friend.  Always end up taking photos.  I used to come here quite a bit on my very first trip to Perugia. The spire of San Pietro is the first thing I search for when I look out at the view from the top of the centro storico or from the window of my taxi as soon as we’ve climbed high enough to see. Reassuring.  Like finding a friendly face in the crowd.

An outdoor room sits just outside the abbey walls

Light and shade...the cloisters of the Benedictine abbey of San Pietro

The abbey is home to the facolta' agricola of the university now but the urge to calm and quiet remains

Above and beyond...the view of Perugia beyond the abbey walls

It’s November and they tell me the days are still clear and mild in Perugia.  Even if I can’t be there I can imagine I am.  I’m hoping that might help lift the fog.  That, and the news I just heard from the streets of Rome.  Something about the end of an era…


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