Beauty balm

Today my head is a whirl of brand-speak and chat about aligning my core message and being alive to what I believe (because people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it!).  I’m not making light. Honestly.  I really do get this stuff.  Love it in fact.  But God, it’s challenging.

If I could work out the thing I most want to tell the world I’m pretty sure it would have something to do with making room for gratuitous beauty.  At least a little everyday.  Sometimes I think that’s why I’m drawn both to the world of interior design (the thing that passes for my work when I’m not scribbling love letters) and to Italy.  Beautiful interiors make me imagine what it feels like to live in them.  How much nicer life might be how much better I could think or work gazing out at that view or baking in that kitchen.  In Italy I often stand and watch the people and imagine their lives.  I wonder how growing up alongside such incomparable beauty has shaped their senses, a little everyday, imperceptibly at first, slowly but surely. The opposite of erosion.

On the street...column detail from the Loggia del Bigallo, Florence


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