Thinking ahead

There’s a song by an Italian singer-songwriter I like, Alex Britti, that’s been going around in my head. Not even the whole song really, just these lines:

Un altro Natale passato coi tuoi
sarà proprio questo il Natale che vuoi
fra 1000 amici e finti parenti
ti manca qualcuno e stringi un pò i denti

Britti sings of the pressure to ‘keep up appearances’ at Christmas that some of us know better than others.  The last two lines go something like: Among 1000 friends and relatives (who aren’t even relatives at all!), you miss someone and grit your teeth a little.

Lighting the way....Marabella on the Ponte Vecchio, Firenze

Christmas always makes me feel this way.  Wishing I could be somewhere else. With someone else. Having a child changes things and rightly so.  But beyond Marabella le feste ring hollow for me these days.  And this year there’s no consolation prize. No flight into Italy to escape the January void.  Niente.  I’m home all holidays!  Italy will have to wait.  A couple more months at least.  It’ll be interesting though.  I want to see how I go.  I’m full of plans I’m hoping will propel me into 2012 like a catapult.  Hey, maybe I’ll get a birdseye view of Christmas this year after all.


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  1. Kim December 2, 2011

    Love your blog. Have just finished 2 weeks Italian at the wonderful Comitado Linguistica in Perugia and still have nice fresh memories of Perugia whirling around my head. Like your great photos too!

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