Antonella F

Signora Antonella is one of those wonderful, naturally stylish women who wears her elegance from the inside out.  If you’ve ever been to France or Italy you probably know the type.  Next to no make-up, but all the more captivating for it.  Understated, bordering on the artfully dishevelled.  Feisty too when she has to be.  Her eponymous boutique in the wonderfully named Via delle Streghe (the street of the witches), off Corso Vannucci, was new to me since my last trip to Perugia and I used to pop in every other day for a while there in January as I did the sales.

Style and substance....Antonella F

And as I browsed we would chat.  About the hardships of keeping shop in the centro storico.  About how just as many men as women were wearing her big, beautiful, locally-woven linen scarves this season.  How accessories are the new black.  About raising daughters and how hard it is to know what to do for the best.  As you do.  I liked what she had to say.  I think we understood one another.  I hope we did.  But whatever else, we certainly share a taste in clothes.

Antonella F.  – Corso Vannucci, 73 – Via delle Streghe, 1, PERUGIA


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