A walk in the park

I’ve just been out for one of those long, clear-your-head walks.  It’s a pensive time of year.  No sooner is Christmas over than you find yourself on the doorstep of a brand new year.  These days in between are precious.  Thinking time with no one watching.  Or waiting.  I can’t think of a greater luxury just now.

Tempo Libero.....Marabella, Percorso Verde, Perugia

Top tip:  When the Perugini want to get back to nature without leaving the city, they head to the Percorso Verde.  Great for people watching too (the Italians are never ones to let sporting pursuits get in the way of style), especially on winter week-ends when everyone is out to stretch their legs and/or let i bambini off the leash for an hour or two.  It’s Monclers and Hogans at ten paces, young and old alike.  The locals drive down, but getting there on foot is just as easy. Take the stunning Jean Nouvel designed mini-metro’ to the  last stop at Pian di Massiano, walk across the carpark and head in the direction of the barrel-roofed Palasport sports stadium.  The Percorso Verde starts just behind.  In fact it would be a top spot for a walk and talk session with your Italian coach come to think of it… Note to self.   Buon divertimento!


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