A year in the life

These photos are bookends to a year really.  The winter ones were taken a almost a year ago in Rome in February, just before we took off again for Australia. The very day I think.  The big pink scarf is one we picked up in a hole-in-the-wall little student shop at the foot of Via Appia in Perugia a couple of weeks before.  Five euros I think it cost.  You know that thing when you buy something on the fly and end up wondering how you ever did without it?  That’s what this scarf has been like this year.  One of those pieces that make you feel ready for anything, come rain or come shine.

Piazza di Pietra, Roma

Have scarf will travel....Roma

It had another big day out yesterday at Melbourne Park.  If I can’t get away to Italy in January, then a couple of days at the tennis becomes my consolation prize.  I didn’t plan it this way at all.  I was really only playing tourist yesterday when I snapped these on my phone.  But when I saw the photos of Mara and that scarf, ancora una volta, it all kind of made sense.

Marabella all set for day one of the Tennis


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  1. orvietoorbust January 17, 2012

    Janine. One of my favorite piazzas in Roma. I love the juxtaposition of such an ancient building housing things like computer conferences….very cool! Marabella looks smashing in her scarf. I have 2 or three “treasured” scarves I wear everyday that I bought in Italy…land of the scarves. Another great and heartfelt post. Hugs. t

    • janinevasta January 17, 2012

      Grazie davvero Toni! I know what you mean about that old and new thing. I love the way the Italians recycle their ancient buildings without getting too sentimental about it all. There’s something special about a scarf isn’t there? Is that one of your favourites in your photo? Jx

    • janinevasta January 18, 2012

      O Debra, I’m so glad the photo brought back such a great memory! I can’t be in Rome without visiting the Pantheon and standing beneath the dome for a minute or two….I know what you mean.

  2. Lisa | Renovating Italy January 17, 2012

    Just a beautiful little girl, my nine year old now has a blue sun hat that I don’t know how we lived without. I also have a scarf from Italy, burgandy which I bought to enter a church…it has been everywhere including used as a sash for my sons pirate day at school. My mum has one she bought in Paris and later framed…ciao lisa

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