On getting braver. The first step is admitting what you really want

There’s a lot I love about the work I do, but if I had to choose between it and a bigger life in Italy I’d take Italy any day.  In a heartbeat.  It’s not that I don’t love design.  I just love Italy more.  Thing is I always have. There was a time, quite recently actually, when I wouldn’t have admitted that to anyone. Not even myself. I was scared of looking foolish.  Like a schoolgirl who can’t shake off a first crush.  I don’t feel like that anymore.

Zona Brera, Milano

My one word theme for the year is Brave.  It wasn’t the first thing to come to mind. Easy and Light were contenders too for a while.  But Brave is exactly what I need this year.  Because without it I won’t be going anywhere.


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  1. msbasquetcase February 6, 2012

    Reblogged this on Basquet Case and commented:
    I love the sentiment of ‘Destination Umbria’ and find it quite fitting for the adventure I am about to embark on: Mr. Basqe(t)Case and I met in Italy and for this year I am choosing between my work and a bigger life in Spain. I did it in a heartbeat. It’s not that I don’t love my job, it’s just I love Spain more.

    I’m also encouraged by ‘Destination Umbria’ and the choice of brave as the word theme for the year because without it I certainly wouldn’t be going anywhere this year….

    Thankyou ‘Destination Umbria’ for your inspirational peice and friends make sure you stop on by to read this fabulous blog!

    • janinevasta February 8, 2012

      Well thank you Ms Basquetcase! If my words help you on your journey – and such an exciting one – I’m just so pleased!! I’m always thrilled to find like minds out there. I think that’s really the reason this blog exists sometimes….

    • janinevasta February 8, 2012

      Hello Zack. Thank you!! ‘Light’ came about because I want to feel lighter and less serious about life this year. I have a habit of making things harder and heavier than they need to be sometimes….Which brings me to ‘easy’. It’s a word that would have reminded me that there’s nothing wrong with seeking the easiest way. Especially when our own happiness is concerned. Thanks for the chance to visit your blog too. I really enjoyed what I read so far. J

  2. Shelagh February 13, 2012

    It’s not easy loving Italy and living elsewhere. I’m in the same boat myself; we lived in Milan for 7 years and now are trying to restore our house in Liguria while working and living in Canada. I miss it constantly! But I’m liking this one-word thing Michelle started so I’ve chosen ‘forward’. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and good things happen.

    • janinevasta February 13, 2012

      Forward’s a great choice Shelagh! Michelle’s really started something! What a wonderful challenge – restoring a house long distance. And in Italy. I would love to try though! In my other life I’m an interior designer. Meanwhile I guess the thought of what you’ll have one day keeps you going. Never easy though I know…. I’ve just now discovered your blog too so I’ll be able to read all about it!!!

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