Siena Girl

Siena has a special place in my heart. I knew about its architecture, its artists, its saints long before I set foot in Tuscany. I spent six years there without ever leaving Melbourne. Siena was my old school. Today it became Marabella’s new one.

Hidden Italy....Siena centro storico

A year ago I took Marabella to the real Siena.  It was a Sunday in winter and Siena was darker and greyer than I remembered.  But maybe I wasn’t in the best of spirits that day.  Our time in Italy was running out and I was getting that anxious feeling.  We’d be heading back to Melbourne in little more than a week.  But this was a day trip I had been wanting to make with Mara ever since she was big enough to understand.  I wanted her to know Siena first hand. To see where Saint Catherine was born. To have a tiny edge I guess. Most of all I wanted her to see the colours.

Piazza del Campo from the Palazzo Comunale

Brown on brown....Piazza del Campo

Siena girl....Marabella and Piazza del Campo

Looking up...Palazzo comunale, Siena

Along with Piazza del Campo, the Palazzo Comunale is a Siena icon


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  1. jann February 4, 2012

    What a gorgeous place, indeed! Those browns! And I love the herringbone pattern of the brick. (The women in that one picture are wearing brown puffy coats–they look like locals–maybe everyone wears brown there in winter to match the city?)

    • janinevasta February 4, 2012

      Well spotted Jann! They blend right in don’t they. So nice to see them wearing brown rather than black! You know something. I edited out a couple of shots because I’d caught tourists with a bright blue zaino…Way too jarring.

    • janinevasta February 4, 2012

      Thanks Ashley! Siena is just so special isn’t it. In November it might have looked a bit like it does in these photos. Maybe you saw it in the winter sun? For me it’s always a very mystical, moody place…

  2. loafandlearn February 6, 2012

    I loved Siena, I visited for day whilst in Tuscany about 7 years ago. It was very hot in the “square” and we retreated to shade of a cafe and ate ice cream whilst watching life continue as people wandered the space. If felt like timetravelling medieval and mobile phones..

    • janinevasta February 8, 2012

      I’ve only ever seen Siena in cool weather. Bright light and heat would be a whole other dimension. I like your reference to time travel. Very apt in Italy. The ultimate ancient and modern mix. Thanks Sarah.

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