Cold snaps

My lovely friend Giulia sent me these beautiful shots of the snow in Perugia over the weekend.  She thought I might be feeling left out. Grazie Giulia!!!

I have a new respect for the pigeons of Piazza IV Novembre after this photo

The view from Porta Sole

Lago Trasimeno, frozen....

Lake Trasimeno again....Brava Giulia. I wouldn't have been opening the car window either!


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  1. Debra Kolkka February 11, 2012

    I have arrived in Bagni di Lucca only to find that all the snow has melted. It is absolutely freezing here!! It is colder than I have ever known it to be and I don’t even have gorgeous snow to make it pretty.

    • janinevasta February 11, 2012

      O Debra!!! What a shame. I can imagine how disappointed you are!!! Still there’s hope of more snow to come from what I hear…Hopefully Bagni di Lucca way. Meanwhile rug up! Looking forward to more of your gorgeous photos – with or without snow! What a contrast to Brisbane…

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