The Two Things about Italy

Thanks again to SwissMiss for this would-be pearl of wisdom….

“For every subject, there are really only two things you really need to know. Everything else is the application of those two things, or just not important.”

The idea belongs to Economist Glen Whitman.  And apart from having more than grain of truth, I think it would make a rather interesting dinner party game.  Especially for a table of Italy lovers. I can imagine the conversation becoming quite funny when it turns to, say, two things you need to know about a particular Italian region (Sicily springs straight to mind) or city (so does Milano) and its hapless inhabitants. Italians love that sort of thing.

During the week the penny dropped for my own line of work – interior design. A project where we absolutely nailed the floor plan was, I think, let down by the way the builder put the whole thing together. A real example of good old Australian ‘near enough is good enough’ I’m afraid. In other words, not good enough at all. Per niente. Small consolation, but at least my disappointment in the job served to decide my Two Things about interior design.

That’d be 1. Layout and 2. Detail. Just in case you were wondering.

Layout meets detail....Piazza Santissima Annunziata, Firenze

So now you see how it works, it’s your turn.

I’d just love you to leave a comment with your own Two Things about Italy. And I’m pretty sure just about everyone reading this has a thing about Italy one way or another….  Anche due.


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    • janinevasta February 18, 2012

      I love your choice of words!! It lifts my heart to hear them coming from an Italian too! No, I didn’t say my too things about Italy. They would have to be 1. The Food, and 2. The People. I really believe all the the rest that’s beautiful and wonderful about Italy flows from these two things…

      • autumninbruges February 18, 2012

        Good choices.. the food is definitely wonderful… and everywhere I go everyone thinks the same.. 🙂 Did you see the movie Eat, Pray, Love? When Julia Roberts eats that giant pizza and ice cream and pasta… 🙂

      • janinevasta February 19, 2012

        Ciao Elisa. No I didn’t see the film but I can imagine the sentiment! It’s true. Italian food is divine! Tutto li’! I love you blog by the way!!

  1. loafandlearn February 18, 2012

    Oh just asking that question has taken me there.

    Well my two things that take me to Italy are being in the water in the sunlight and icecream. I have enjoyed the mountains, the architecture,the art, the Church squares, impossibly perched ancient villages, the food, oh the wine, the people watching in the evening as people reappear from the afternoon….

    I have luxuriated in the beautiful and comfortable shoes

    I want to go back now. but the first time I went I was 3 and we camped along the Lido near Venice. I spent time in the water and had Lemon Sorbet. I went back there 33 years later and HAD to complete the same simple ritual

    • janinevasta February 18, 2012

      Your memories shine from the page Sarah. Thank you. I love the circular storyline. Totally share your musings on the beautiful and comfortable shoes….one thing you CAN bring home in the suitcase.

  2. Shelagh February 21, 2012

    If the exercise is to state the two things one needs to know to understand the subject of Italy, my two things would be beauty and community. Beauty because it’s everywhere – in the landscape, the people, the way they dress, the architecture, the food, the art, the music. Beauty trumps function for many Italians, I think, insofar as they’re more concerned with beauty than with efficiency. Community because in my experience everything works better if you involve yourself in it. Stand on the outside and gripe about how it doesn’t function like an Anglo-Saxon country and nothing will work well for you. Make friends, do favours, ask after people and be forgiving, and you’ll be amazed how much stuff gets done.

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