A gentle reminder

In Australia, and I suspect all over the world, lovers of the bel paese place a geranium on their balcony or doorstep to remind them of Italy. I stumbled on this exquisitely delicate illustration by Melbourne graphic designer and illustrator Luci Everett just now, going through my emails. There’s something so familiar and comforting about it.  Joyful too. I almost feel like it’s trying to tell me something today.


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  1. Shelagh February 20, 2012

    I’d never heard about the geranium link to Italy, but I have a small geranium that I keep indoors in the Canadian winter…could it be that subconsciously I knew of this lovely tradition?

  2. daniela March 11, 2012

    I’m sitting here, looking at your photos, feeling emotional (as I always do when I look at images of italy) … I look up at my ‘vision board’ above my desk and I notice that my real, my deep hearted dream is not on there. I often wonder why Italy isn’t on my vision board yet all of the other things on it are somehow remotely pointing to it; work goal related matters, property matters. My vision board reads more like a to-do board than a board of true visions. It’s like if I say what I want it might dissolve. So I started looking for signs around my house and life to see if there were more semi-visible, secret signs of my will to live in italy again …

    Then I saw your geranium post … I have a potted geranium on my porch … and yes. It is there for the same reason that you mentioned in your post. But my dream feels so distant … so far that I would barely, if not rarely, somewhat never articulate it … out of fear that it might rupture.

    I lived in Perugia 20 years ago too.

    I’m Italian Australian.

    I’m Daniela.

    Good luck on your journey!

    • janinevasta March 12, 2012

      Ciao Daniela, Your comment moved me so much. Thank you for expressing your thoughts so opening. This is exactly the sort of sharing I am hoping for on the blog. I love the sound of a vision board. Just to have one says so much. Maybe it’s just time to reinvent it to be a better mirror of what you’re really about in life. I wake up with my Italy dream everyday. It’s hard but it’s what keeps me going too. It’s at the centre of everything! You have been an added inspiration. I really hope you’ll feel inclined to comment again. Soon. You are very welcome. Janine

      • daniela March 13, 2012

        Thanks! I’ll let you know when an image if italy passes by me that’s strong enough, stirs me well enough to pin on my vision board. I’ll keep looking at your blog in case the right one pops up here!

        Good luck!


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