High Noon

Just as I hoped it would, my Sunday in Ferrara felt like walking through a canvas by the Italian metaphysical painter, Giorgio de Chirico. The golds and burnt umbers. The chiaroscuro. The shadowy figures in colonnades. They were all there.

The day was warm. By midday the streets were all but empty. And for an hour or two Ferrara was mine.

Teatro Communale, Ferrara

Castello Estense is a Ferrara icon

Cattedrale di San Giorgio

Looking towards Piazza Trento e Trieste and the south face of Cathedral of San Giorgio

Ferrara is so flat. I loved seeing so many locals of all ages riding their bicycles everywhere


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  1. Debra Kolkka February 27, 2012

    We stayed the night once in Ferrara, but I have seen nothing of this town in daylight. I love the way that every Italian town, village or city has its own character and style. It makes travelling here very interesting.

  2. chestercoextbutterfly February 28, 2012

    We visited Ferrara on our last trip to Italy at the recommendation of an italian friend. We saw many of these places too. Did you happen to visit the Palazzo dei Diamanti where the paintings of impressionist Giovanni Boldini are on display. This was one of the highlights for us.The building is lovely but the paintings are even better! We also came across a lovely public park in Frerrara where we could watch the town’s children having a great time.

    • janinevasta February 28, 2012

      Ferrara is a bit of a hidden gem, isn’t it? I’m happy you took away such lovely memories. You know I went to the Palazzo dei Diamanti in the afternoon but it had closed! One for next time. I think I may have found the park you refer to though.

  3. Helen February 28, 2012

    Lovely photos once again Janine. Makes me long for those bright, warm spring days you get in Italy. A coupleof hours sight-seeing & window shopping followed by a fabulous long lunch al aperto – sigh! Time to plan another trip I think…

  4. jann February 28, 2012

    Lovely post, Janine! It’s certainly clear where de Chirico got his inspiration! Could anyone but an Italian have painted those canvases? I’ve never been to Ferrara, but it’s high time, I think.

    • janinevasta February 29, 2012

      Grazie Jann! Are you a De Chirico fan too? I was pleased (though not surprised somehow) to read his father was Sicilian. Something in those shadows I think…I would to hear love your take on Ferrara when you go.

      • thebrightoldoak April 20, 2012

        Yes, it is small in comparison to Bologna, but has the same historic/cultural vibes. I don’t think it would be too small though. The centre is not that big but the city is bigger. It’s such a treasure! I’m glad you loved it.

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