A red chair at sunset

I’ve got while yet, but sometimes I let myself imagine what it would be like to live out my days in Italy. It could be the smallest little house in the village. A tiny flat. I’ve never cared too much for big rooms. But I’d love it all the more if it had a view.

In Todi a little balcony with a single red chair facing the view caught my eye. It looked like it belonged to someone who’s been there a while. Todi’s had a lot of foreign interest over the years but the balcony looked too well-loved for that. Too familiar. I wonder if its owner ever dreamt or dreams of living someplace else. We never really know how lucky we are.


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  1. jann March 13, 2012

    Todi is a sweet sweet town, or it was when I was there for a week more than a decade ago. Hope it hasn’t changed too much. It’s a perfect central spot in Umbria for day trips, don’t you think? Orvieto, Deruta, Spoletto, Assisi, etc. Fantastico.

    • janinevasta March 13, 2012

      I think you might find it just as sweet Jann. It is so quiet and stoic somehow. I love that. It feels truly lived in and I sense the locals are very proud. Maybe too proud! There’s no love lost between the Todini and the Perugini from what I gather…An ideal base, absolutely.

  2. Shelagh March 13, 2012

    That’s exactly the kind of wee balcony we intended for that reading nook space under the stairs at Godzillavilla, the one that’s in danger of becoming a loo! Although I suppose there’s nothing to stop a person walking past a toilet to get to a magical balcony.

  3. orvietoorbust March 13, 2012

    janine, Lovely post. I just love the way you see such beauty in simple things and create a gorgeous story from it!! You may not have Italy (or do you?) in the complete way you want it right now – but like that little red chair – maybe we have to learn to be grateful for our little view (for now). When you get your own balcony in Perugia, I hope you will put out two red chairs – one for me. We will sit up there and gossip – just like the locals do. Hugs. t

    • janinevasta March 13, 2012

      Grazie Toni! You’re very sweet. I’m learning to really understand what I do have it’s true. Italy feels very close these days… Thanks in no small part to you!!!! Un abbraccio stretto, Jx

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