Good Better Best

Good. We were in Italy. Better. We were in Umbria. Best. We were going to Assisi. It was Friday. There was hardly a soul about. And, for January, the sun was amazing.

As evening fell we waited ages for the bus back down to the train station at Santa Maria degli Angeli.  But we kept calm. It wasn’t hard to be patient.

San Francesco was deserted

Piazza Santa Chiara was full of long shadows towards sunset

Marabella and a glimpse of the ancient Tempio di Minerva in Piazza del Comune

San Rufino

Top Tip: For lunch in Assisi we went to Trattoria da Erminio. When we walked in I realised it was a restaurant I visited two or three times on my first stay in Umbria 20 plus years ago…. It hadn’t changed much. Marabella had the local sausages cooked over the open fireplace in the corner of the room. She loved them. It was a quiet lunch service but I liked seeing a regular client, the classic older Italian gentleman, and a savvy Italian couple enjoying the food too. Da provare…

Trattoria da Erminio, via Montecavallo 19, Assisi 075 812 506


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    • janinevasta March 19, 2012

      I love the sense of peace and simplicity you get from a day in Assisi. Even when it’s full of tourists and I’ve seen it like that too. It would be strange to live there. I see it as such a sanctuary. A place to go when you need to start over…. Un abbraccio Jx

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