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It’s hard to write about Italy sometimes when you read the press and the politics and talk to people living there of the hardships and the precariousness of the everyday. The same people keeping the dream alive for the rest of us. If I were in Perugia this afternoon I’d take a walk up Corso Garibaldi. At the very end there’s a temple. To beauty as much as anything. And I’d sit a while.

The Tempio di San Michele Arcangelo dates from 5th century but has its roots in Etruscan times


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  1. Debra Kolkka March 30, 2012

    Life here can be quite difficult. For young people trying to start work things are very bad. Let’s hope Super Mario can free up the labour market and make it a bit easier to get a job for those leaving school. We love our time in Italy, but we don’t have to make a living here.

    • janinevasta March 30, 2012

      Let’s hope so Debra. Speriamo…The Italians have lived in precarious times for years but just now seems especially tricky. There is so much love in the world for Italy and so much beauty in the people and the country itself. Nothing can change that. Thanks for reading!

  2. jann March 31, 2012

    During these hard times Italians have beauty all around them as consolation. What a wonderful temple! I’ve never seen the inside. Thanks for the glimpse, Janine!

    • janinevasta March 31, 2012

      Prego Jann! You are so right though. The consolation of beauty in all its forms can’t be underestimated. I am a better, more ‘beautiful’ person because of it when I’m in Italy I know!

  3. lily2u1 March 31, 2012

    In addition to all of the beautiful material and details, I love the shape and the lighting from above, in these baptistries. I’ve always thought those things must be intentionally symbolic, which adds to the beauty.
    ~ Lily

    • janinevasta March 31, 2012

      Lily, it’s such a calm space. Plus there’s never been more than a handful of people there on my many many visits. Even one freezing but sunny Christmas morning on year. I counted, there were 11 of us! But the light was amazing. They knew what they were doing those ancients…

  4. orvietoorbust March 31, 2012

    Janine, You are taking that walk everyday in your mind as I will be after I have to return home in May. Yes, life is tough…everywhere. I struggle in the U.S. to find work and make a living too. If I have to struggle, I’d rather do it in Italy than anywhere else in the world. You are destined to Perugia and you will find a way to make it all work. There is a long tether from me to you and Mirabella….you are getting closer and closer. xxo t

    • janinevasta March 31, 2012

      Grazie, grazie, grazie Toni! It was wonderful to read your words today. Just what I needed… And you put it beautifully about the struggle we all have in different ways. I’m so glad this post has turned into a positive. A celebration of the beauty of Italy and her beautiful, amazing people. You know something. I do feel I’m getting closer…Un abbraccio. Jx

  5. mltucker March 31, 2012

    Hello, I came across your blog via a link from Bagni di Lucca, to Panini Girl to you! Isn’t it wonderful where links can take us?

    I am also mad over italy and have added a link to your blog on mine ( MLTucker At Large). I also have a now non-active blog about Italy from my last trip there in 2010. I have Abruzzese heritage from my maternal grandparents and have travelled back often, last trip spending 3 of my 10 weeks in beautiful and charming Sicily as well as other places. We met the most amazing people who admit to having to live with the corruption and strife everyday but they have hope and warmth and humanity…signs of a resilient society.

    I am enjoying your posts! Thanks for Sharing…Here’s my Italy blog:


    Ciao, Maria Luisa Tucker

    • janinevasta April 1, 2012

      Benvenuta Maria Luisa! Thank you so much for your comment and for adding me to your list! Yes, I love the way we all seem to find each other eventually jumping from one blog to the next…I have just been re-living your wonderful 10 weeks. You must have had a fabulous time going by the photos. 10 weeks is such a great length of time too. Perfect. And you even passed through Umbria! The Italians are indeed made to last as you say. The most beautiful country and the most beautiful people… A presto allora! Jx

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