Home for the holidays

This house I saw in Asolo in the Veneto hills would remind me of Easter all year round. There’s even a place to stash the colombe.

A gingerbread facade in the form of a cross

Dovecotes in the roof space are popular in Asolo...

So are the beautiful bottle glass windows

I only wish now I'd read the inscription above the door...


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  1. lily2u1 April 8, 2012

    That is the perfect Easter house, even with patterns and colours like dyed Easter eggs. The wrought iron looks spring-themed, too. Happy Easter, Janine! Thank you for the beautiful post, as always. ~ Lily

  2. valterumbria April 8, 2012

    Buona Pasqua ! Tanti auguri a te e alla tua splendida ragazza ! Io sarò, ovviamente, nel cuore della campagna perugina, nel bel casolare di mio cugino. Saremo in 15 per assaggiare la tradizionale gastronomia pasquale, accompagnata da una mia scelta di vini, molto speciale ! A presto,

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