If I can fall for Milano there’s really no hope for me, is there?

Milan is an unlikely muse. There’s beauty, you just have to look a little closer is all.

Via Ponte Vetero

Looking towards Via Maddonina

Santa Maria del Carmine

Zona Brera

Boffi on Via Solferino

Castello Sforzesco

Via Orefici

Piazza Duomo

Piazza della Scala looking towards the Galleria

Teatro della Scala


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  1. Lisa | Renovating Italy April 16, 2012

    We only visited Milano once and I have to say didn’t fall in love with the city. Yet your images show how looking with love will reward you! What strikes me with these images is the ones where the streets are empty, especially zona brera, and the one with the snow is so striking. Brava lisa

    • janinevasta April 16, 2012

      Ciao Lisa. Interesting isn’t it. Milan didn’t do it me either – the first time. I took all these in the space of an extra long weekend all on my own in Milan a year ago to the day almost. I was feeling very happy – en route to Perugia – and seeing things through the eyes of love, definitely! I love Brera. So sophisticated yet old and charming too. I love the classic Milanesi signore you see getting around the shops… 😉 Jxx

  2. jann April 16, 2012

    The Duomo is totally amazing–I love that piazza, too. The narrow streets with those tram lines and “Austrian” architecture remind me of other European cities like Ljubljana and Zagreb. Are you sure it’s the same country as Sicily??:)

    • janinevasta April 17, 2012

      Milano is a long way from Sicily that’s for sure Jann, you’re absolutely right. It never ceases to amaze me how many cultures there are in Italy – all masquerading as one country!

  3. lisadenunzio April 17, 2012

    I attended Macef a few years ago and recall emerging from the subway into the light and my first glimpse of The Duomo. Che bella. Also can’t beat same day tickets to La Scala. A presto, Lisa

    • janinevasta April 17, 2012

      That sounds like the perfect introduction, Lisa. Yes it would be easy to get used to all that music and culture on tap. It would be a tough place to live I think, but so rewarding. A presto allora. Jx

  4. helencrossley April 17, 2012

    Milan was my first experience of Italy. Having only been abroad a couple of times before – a cheap package to the Spanish Costas (not to be repeated) and a school camping trip to Switzerland, it was a revelation. I loved it. I’d managed to get a short ‘traineeship’ with a bank (Banco Lariano) during the long summer hols and stayed in student digs with other trainees & students. We had a great time and I also managed to do a bit of travelling & sightseeing at the weekends. The language was a complete mystery to me then but it did spark the desire to learn it. And the food was just incredible. I was amazed that even a lowly student or poorly paid secretary could eat so well – it was the early 80s and, every lunchtime, we headed off to the refectories for sublime pasta, fresh mozzarella, Parma ham and all sorts of treats. So I have very fond memories of the city and always enjoy going back there. A pleasure to see the photos!

    • janinevasta April 17, 2012

      Hello Helen. Thank you! I love it when people tell me their Italy stories. Yours is beautiful. I can imagine the incredible impact Milan must have had. Food alone! How fabulous to have scored a job and a chance to really test drive the life! So glad the photos brought all that back for you. Jx

  5. Rae April 17, 2012

    I so love this city- it’s easy, clean, safe,- the amazing metro, elegant designer shops and outdoor street markets, THE BEST gelato, art absolutely everywhere, an 80cent espresso on the 7th floor of La Rinescente (served with a tiny scoop of gelato and a view of the Duomo) ,grabbing discounted tickets for an Opera at La Scala, some of the best wine bars, and this year– Palm Sunday Mass in the glorious pink marble Gothic masterpiece! I return as often as I can!

  6. Shelagh April 18, 2012

    I had to laugh at this one! When we first had to opportunity to move to Milan I said “Milan is the armpit of Italy, why would we want to do that?” But we did move, and I discovered – as you point out – that it’s full of hidden beauty. It’s also a wonderfully accessible city. You can walk to every central neighbourhood in the course of a morning. The Brera is still my favorite ‘hood.

    • janinevasta April 18, 2012

      Hey Shelagh! I was hoping to hear from you on this one….Haha! I walked everywhere over 5 days on my last trip. But even the metro is good! I love Brera too. The mornings especially. Just walking around on the cobbles and watching the place come to life,…My hotel was nearby, I found a great trattoria in Brera. I was ready to move in!

  7. lindyloumacinitaly April 18, 2012

    There are always beautiful hidden secrets in cities if we take the time to explore, lovely scenes, Thanks for finding my blog and taking the time to leave a comment Janine, i hope you will be calling by again. 🙂

    • janinevasta April 19, 2012

      You are welcome Lindy. I love your photos (especially the ones of your adopted home!) and will keep an eye on you from now on. 😉 I like your thoughts here too – beauty is everywhere if we just have eyes to see… You are a welcome guest here too. Hoping to see you back from time to time. Jx

  8. thebrightoldoak April 20, 2012

    Being Italian, I know Milan is often referred to as a very ‘business oriented’ place. I think every city has a soul and that there are many shades to acknowledge before labelling one place one way or another.
    I have been to Milan twice, and it’s got something enchanting I could never be able to describe.

    • janinevasta April 20, 2012

      Milano ha il suo fascino, questo si! But you are right, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is. I remember on my very first visit, years ago, being aware of the energy on the streets. Creative energy I think. I love it now. I didn’t think I would.

      • thebrightoldoak April 20, 2012

        I’m glad you do. And yes, it is about creativity. It’s like a treasure you cannot see straightaway but needs to be discovered and is not visible to everyone!

  9. lily2u1 April 20, 2012

    “Milan is an unlikely muse.” — every time I come here, I think of how poetic that line is. I think you should be the one to write poetry. There is beauty to be found everywhere, or at least there must be everywhere in Italy! I hope you are well and happy. ~ Lily

    • janinevasta April 20, 2012

      You are too generous with your compliments dear Lily. But thank you for your kind thoughts. Italy is beautiful beyond compare for me. It has certainly spoilt me for everywhere else! Jxx

  10. marilovegr33n May 2, 2012

    Milano è la mia città Hai ragione la bellezza è all’apparenza nascosta ma se guardi con attenzione è piena di scorci e dettagli. Fantastiche le pareti verdi che la stanno colorando ovunque. Bellissime foto. un bacio

    • janinevasta May 3, 2012

      Grazie Marinella!!! Mi fa’ molto piacere aver la conferma di una Milanese DOC come te. Secondo me, Milano e’ una citta’ che viene conosciuta piano piano. Poi un giorno te ne accorgi di essere innamorata…. Sei fortunata di poterci tornare quando vuoi.
      Bacioni. Jxx

      • marilovegr33n May 3, 2012

        siii è proprio così e quello che c’è e non si vede subito è l’incredibile vitalità e creatività. Spero di tornare a vivere lì….sooner or later! xxx

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