Map love

Too cute for words….

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  1. Katja April 29, 2012

    Very cute indeed. Where did you find it? It’s just that I notice that Basilicata and Calabria are lumped together as one, which indicates that it’s probably quite old. I’m also wondering what’s sitting at the bottom of Calabria – can’t work it out at all! It’s the area in which I lived last year, so I’m doubly intrigued to know what we were seen as in times gone by. 😉

    • janinevasta April 30, 2012

      Hi Katja! Nice to see you. You know, I literally stumbled across this on pininterest on my first real foray into that site…It caught my eye straight away. Good spotting! I know the first thing I did was hone in on the symbol for Umbria but I didn’t notice as much as you…..The Calabria icon is very hard to decipher I agree. Looks a bit like a pale crustacean maybe 😉 ???? I wish I could help with the provenance…

  2. helencrossley May 1, 2012

    Love it! I have also been known to buy those touristy tea towels that show things like all the different breads on a map of Italy… This is class though!

    • janinevasta May 1, 2012

      Thought of you when I posted this Helen! I remember that gorgeous vintage Easter card from Lucca on you blog a few weeks back. I’m really pleased you like the map. I do admire your eye for vintage style….;-)

  3. lily2u1 May 1, 2012

    Aw, you’re right, this is a really cute map, Janine. It makes Italy look so playful and inviting, colourful and delicious! Just what you need, more temptation, huh? ~ Lily

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