Day dreaming of a sunny Friday in Rome when I should be doing other things

Does anyone else have the sneaky habit of checking the weather in their favourite Italian cities when they live on the other side of the world?

I thought so…

Palazzo Farnese

The sun’s well and truly gone down on Friday where I am, but my iphone tells me Rome should be sunny with a top of 22. Perfect for lunch al fresco somewhere really good or even a few laps round Villa Borghese, depending what you’ve got planned for later in the day I suppose. Me, I’d probably stand around Campo dei Fiori with the office workers and eat pizza a taglio from that wonderful and cheap little forno on the corner.

How about you? 


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  1. orvietoorbust May 4, 2012

    Janine, I have Orvieto and Rome on my iPhone when I am in the States, but thanks for the weather forecast. I will be spending my last day in Italy in Rome on Wednesday…the forecast is for “perfecto”. I think I will eat my gelato on the Piazza Navona then stroll over to Trastevere for a lunch in a little piazza….just me and Rome! I am going to miss her. Hugs.toni

    • janinevasta May 4, 2012

      Why am I not surprised dear Toni???? Those final hours in Rome can be so bittersweet. A beautiful sunny day will be what you need and deserve and so I will be praying for the most perfect Spring day la capitale can muster…. I love the sound of your plans for the day. Would love to be there with you for lunch in Trastevere… The ideal choice!! Bacioni tesoro. J

  2. valterumbria May 4, 2012

    E’ vero Janine, Campo dei Fiori è calda ad ogni ora del giorno, dal mercato della mattina alla pizza con vino della sera … è piena di pubs e piccole trattorie, ma i colori e le luci fanno rivivere la vecchia Roma, come e più di Trastevere ! Come sai ho vissuto 20 anni a Roma e amo camminarci fino a perdermi. Ciao, Valter

    • janinevasta May 4, 2012

      Ciao Valter! Si si, sono molto d’accordo. Neanch’io riesco a stare ferma a Roma. Non so, passeggiare per le vie diventa. Parti e non sai dove andrai a finire ma non importa. E’ bellissima tutta!!

    • janinevasta May 5, 2012

      You know something Malou, I hope we are both still blogging when you do get to Rome. I would so love to see and hear your impressions. Though I know you will love it as much as I do!!

    • johna666 May 8, 2012

      Malou, Ciao, you are not the only one, I am a Brit ex pat living in Bolsena, Lazio,The only time i seem to get to Rome is passing through it on my journeys to the UK and back, though I am not really a city person, I realise it will have to be done one day as there are so many beautiful buildings there, seems we are missing out on something from all the other bloggers comments.!!!…

      • janinevasta May 8, 2012

        Hello John! I’m sure you will wonder why you waited so long. Rome is too beautiful to miss and I think the scale is more like a big provincial town than a crazy capital. But with lots more style of course! I hope it’s everything you expect and more! Thanks so much for dropping by.

  3. Carla Coulson May 8, 2012

    HI Janine, I am weather check central!! I live on due to my work.. Sometimes so nerve wracking. I have all my favourite cities punched in so Ican check what’s happening and where. Love this post. Carla x

    • janinevasta May 8, 2012

      Goodness Carla. But of course you would have to be constantly checking and rechecking. I do it for fun but it must be stressful at times as you say… We’re lucky to carry the world in the palm of our hand aren’t we? I’m very happy if the post struck a chord. Janine xx

  4. lily2u1 May 8, 2012

    I could just sit and people-watch and ponder the doorway, windows and building facade in your photo– maybe not forever (since other architecture and other things would beckon), but for a looooong time. Have a happy week, Janine!
    ~ Lily

    • janinevasta May 8, 2012

      What a wonderful way to spend a morning Lily!! Indeed other delight would beckon soon enough. Two things I love about Rome are the colours and the fabulous light. It’s like nothing else. I even like the haziness of the photo for that reason…. Lovely to see you here as usual! Have a great week too. Jxx

  5. Katja May 8, 2012

    I have three weather widgets installed on my iG**gle home page: one for Catania, one for London and one for my parents’ nearest town in Somerset. I admit, though, that the second two are mainly for personal gloating purposes and for checking that I really *am* 10 degrees warmer than them. (And if I’m not, for lying to UK friends and family shamelessly and making them green with jealousy auhahahaa!)

    • janinevasta May 8, 2012

      Well Kate you are scrupulously honest as well as being very funny! I imagine you’re easily 10 degrees warmer than the UK all year round! And good for you!! It’s so nice to know I’m not alone on this one.

      • Shelagh May 10, 2012

        Unfortunately I’ve just come back to Toronto. It poured while we were in Scurtabo and turned lovely the very last day, but we had a brilliant time of it anyway.

      • janinevasta May 10, 2012

        Che peccato Shelagh! I’m glad you had a good time in between or maybe thanks to all that hard work! How many hours is it to Toronto I wonder…A fair few, no?

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