An easy peace

I’ve come to love that time of day between sunset and nightfall. That sort of no man’s land time when it feels like everything’s possible. And no one’s really keeping score.

That same hour comes and goes in Melbourne and I hardly ever notice.  But in Perugia it’s magic.

Perugia twilight over Via Appia


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    • janinevasta May 8, 2012

      Twilight is a much more romantic in Italy I think, don’t you? I love the sense that a day is ending but the evening is just beginning. Italians know how to use the evening as if it were a proper part of the day. It has everything to do with the shop hours but also with the whole rhythm of the day. You eat dinner so much later so the day is naturally longer. I miss that.

    • janinevasta May 8, 2012

      Thank you Janie. It’s a tiny little photo but it says so much to me personally. I really, really hope to be back in Umbria in September, for Autumn… Maybe our paths will cross? 😉

  1. Heather Jarman May 8, 2012

    One thing I love about living on a mountain top in Italy is that you can experience that moment twice. Driving home up the valley the sun sets and I’m shrouded by near-darkness. I turn up the road to my village and as my car climbs the hill, the light grows like stage lights going up until I get out of my car in our car park and turn toward the mountains on the far horizon where I see the last rays of sun still lighting up the western sky.

    • janinevasta May 8, 2012

      What a beautiful description Heather. I love that idea. I love arriving home as the sun is setting. It feels so right somehow…. Especially when you live on a mountain top. Have a wonderful evening. We’re a few hours ahead and the sun has just gone to bed here. A presto!

  2. jann May 9, 2012

    Janine, that is sooooo pretty! And so pink. You’ve framed the shot beautifully. And there’s something about the ivy hanging down that makes it a perfect moment in time.

      • lily2u1 May 11, 2012

        If you think so, then I hope I shall get there someday, Janine. I hope that all is well with you, and that all of your Italian dreams come true. ~ Lily

      • janinevasta May 11, 2012

        So sweet of you Lily. I hope so too. So much! And once again would love to see you there fulfilling a few dreams of your own…

    • janinevasta May 10, 2012

      Grazie cara!! Mi sono inamorata quasi subito di Perugia…. Non e’ Milano ma ha il suo fascino… Poi e’ misteriosa e molto romantica….. Specialmente verso il tramonto. 😉 Ti piacera’ sicuramente. xx

  3. Shelagh May 9, 2012

    Dusk is fantastic. In Scurabo, my favorite dusk view is the tops of the hills, where the trees are silhouetted black against the last of the light, as the sun goes down behind them.

  4. JeannieRichard May 10, 2012

    Such a quaint little atmosphere captured on still… they say that the time between sunset and dusk is another witching hour aptly termed twilight – where the dark ones are created… *evil chuckle*…. but nonetheless, it IS beautiful and would love to walk through Perugia with Richard, how romantic!

    • janinevasta May 10, 2012

      Lovely to see you here Jeannie! Benvenuta! Twilight is essentially a wicked time of day you are so right! I love it!!! And Perugia being so very ancient and mysterious lends itself perfectly to romance. You would be enchanted I’m sure….

      • JeannieRichard May 10, 2012

        I have been meaning to visit you since i always see you over at Mari’s place 😉
        And yes, there is no doubt that we will be enchanted – to feel the old vibes, the aged architecture, to just let the atmosphere fill the soul. ❤

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