The House on the Hill

By now those lovely red shutters would be open wide and in the garden there’d be a table and chair and a big checkered blanket on the grass to lay and look at the sky. If that house on the hill were mine.


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    • janinevasta May 15, 2012

      It stands all on its own too, looking a little like a stage set Jann. Its all about the facade in the Veneto I noticed. I love the roof do-dads too! 😉 They match the trees! xx

  1. orvietoorbust May 15, 2012

    J, What a stunning house. I could see you living there – you are perfect for it. Do we know who lives there now? A prince perhaps?I made a joke about wanting to meet a prince the other day and my friend says, oh, you know F___. He is a prince. What? Really? Apparently princes are walking around on the street unannounced all the time. You never know, your butcher or the guy sipping a cappuccino at the bar next to you could be a count…hugs. t

    • janinevasta May 15, 2012

      Well thank you Toni! Maybe a very age-ed prince who would take me on in his dotage?? You would surely be living in the big house next door then, so we could sip coffee on the lawn all day long if you like.
      Love the prince story…. Italian streets are lined with men who think they’re princes that’s for sure. Bless their cotton socks!
      Bacioni tesoro!!! Jxx

  2. Carla Coulson May 15, 2012

    Hmmmm yes just visualising and dreaming of the blanket, wine and cheese chatting and laughing!! This house definitely needs the shutters thrown open to the world and to breathe.
    Carla x

    • janinevasta May 15, 2012

      Absolutely Carla! I took this shot in autumn so I am hoping it will be full of life right about now. Can you imagine an evening soiree? Lanterns and lights in all the windows. Aperitivi in the colonnade….??
      Janine xx

  3. Shelagh May 15, 2012

    I feel the same way every time I’m in Levanto and looking at the magnificent Agnelli villa up on the hill there. Almost always shuttered – such a shame! What is it about shuttered houses and ruined ones that makes us want to save them all?

    • janinevasta May 16, 2012

      The Agnelli place must be stunning Shelagh. I think it’s all that lost potential that gets to you. Beautiful houses like that deserve to be lived in… Preferably by the likes of you and me! 😉

    • janinevasta May 18, 2012

      It’s straight out of a fairytale Malou! You’re right about the view too. The house overlooks the absolutely picture postcard village of Asolo in the Veneto hills. It must be like looking over your own private kingdom!

  4. Robyn May 18, 2012

    This is so beautiful! Tragic that it was all closed up and, as Carla said, needs the shutters thrown open! So I’m wondering … which wine shall we uncork? What would you recommend Janine? x

    • janinevasta May 18, 2012

      What a fantastic question Robyn! Well I would have to take some advice from my connections…but decidedly a crisp, dry white, as local as we can…. We’re in the Veneto here so it’s real wine country!!! Un abbraccio. Jxx

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