Don’t try this at home

Growing up in the new world of Australia where appropriation of styles knows almost no bounds, I had my reservations about colours with names like Tuscan Yellow.

But then I saw the light….


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    • janinevasta May 18, 2012

      I can imagine that Debra. What do you think it is? The light? It’s fascinating to me how the same colour can look totally different in Italy than it does under in Australian light.

    • janinevasta May 18, 2012

      It’s Tuscan Jann. 100%. This house I snapped on the terrace of the Boboli Gardens in Florence. It’s such as earthy yellow. It looks great with the green don’t you think?? 😉 Jxx

  1. Lisa | Renovating Italy May 22, 2012

    Fabulous color and I remember the hoardes of Italians who came to look at our house in Gambasca when we painted it a similar shade. The majority of houses in the area were white so we were total rebels. My hubby mixed up the paint in a cement mixer…funnily enough I worked for many years in a paint store in Australia and have heard every paint name known to man ….including (believe it or not) nipple pink lol…x

    • janinevasta May 24, 2012

      Great story Lisa. I love the custom mix in the cement mixer!! After half a life in interior design I am almost ashamed to be able to cite colours by the ridiculous names they give them. Your example takes the cake though. I am hardly surprised you guys got the town talking. Bravi!! I love that colour. Your house must have looked superb!! xx

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