Buonasera Roma

Even after thirty hours on the road and 3 hours sleep, a girl’s still gotta eat. Specialmente se si trova a Roma poi. Tonight was a beautiful evening with a pink tinged sky. I was out and about with time enough for a stroll before dinner. Picking up where I left off a year ago. Like flicking a switch….


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    • janinevasta May 24, 2012

      Thank you!!! I know what you mean Shelagh. Rome comes alive after nightfall. She’s an even more beautiful version of herself somehow. It was a perfect start…. Almost breakfast time now!

  1. umbriascribe May 24, 2012

    Ben tornata, Janine!! So good to see that you made it. Will you be coming up through Umbria? Please let me know. Maybe we can meet somewhere…I’m between Perugia and Sansepolcro. Send me an email if/when you can. In the mean time, enjoy Roma. She is beautiful, isn’t she?

    • janinevasta May 26, 2012

      Haha! Siete anche carini…. Allora ho mangiato gli spaghetti alle vongole (buonissimi!!!!)…..E la sogliola fatta in maniera molto semplice come piace a me! Un quartino di vino bianco, un insalatina e mi sentivo gia’ molto meglio! Un bacione a te tesoro.

  2. lily May 25, 2012

    So happy for you, Janine! Breathe deeply and catch a few good photos for us. I know that your eyes and your heart are opened wide. Hugs and happiness,
    ~ Lily

  3. marilovegr33n May 25, 2012

    queste strade mi sembra proprio di conoscerle!!! è proprio il centro della mia cittá attuale! mi piace vedere posti chr conosco benissimo da gli occhi di chi non vive in Italia. baciiii

    • janinevasta May 26, 2012

      Infatti parlavo ieri con una persona di qui, Perugia. Dicevo che sono quasi felice di essere nata fuori dall’ Italia perche’ vedo le cose da un ottica diversa…. Hai assolutamente ragione! Bacioni!!!!

    • janinevasta May 26, 2012

      Cathy, I thought of you in Rome as I passed by the Caffe’ Greco…. Well the first thing to like to eat in Italy are gli spaghetti alle vongole. And I managed to do that! Then la soglola, un insalatina e un caffe’. After no food on the flight I needed to spoil myself. There’s a great osteria I know, Hostaria Romana just off Via del Tritone. Full of journalists and politicians but not $$$$. I didn’t take a photo of the locale because there was a group of men in suits smoking outside and I didn’t want to risk not looking cool! Haha. Jxx

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