The morning becomes her

Perugia. Primavera. Sometime before 10….


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  1. JeannieRichard June 2, 2012

    I spotted Bata in the photos! They are such a common household name here since the 70s… did not expect to see it in Italy. So, I ran a search of Bata. We always thought it was a shoe company from Malaysia and now only realized its actually an Austro/Hungarian company with 3 main business units now in Lausanne, Singapore and the Netherlands – we learnt something new today, thanks to you haha 😀
    That was the highlight of this post for us apart from the cute TV dishes sticking out on the roofs!

    • janinevasta June 2, 2012

      Well I am happy to inspire your search for knowledge Jeannie. Even unintentionally! 😉 I love the mess of roof tiles and satellite dishes and TV antennas. It’s all beautiful to me. Because it’s here. Baci. xxx

    • janinevasta June 3, 2012

      Absolutely Lily! I think, because of the beauty inside. All that’s gone before. All the beauty there is still left to live. Today. Tomorrow will sort itself out. I love that about this place. xxxx

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