The windows of Via Alessi

This is my first time back in Italy since starting the blog and it can feel like I’m seeing Italy, even Perugia, with new eyes. It makes me think of the way the Impressionists used to paint the same landscape, the same flower a thousand times. In different weather, at different times of day.Β The more they looked the more there was to see.


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  1. orvietoorbust June 4, 2012

    Janine. Like a plain man whom one is in love….you see the beauty that others might miss. I know you are feeling inspired. Italy is a muse to many of us. No? I hope your trip is all you wished it would be, and more. Hugs. Toni

    • janinevasta June 4, 2012

      O Toni. You are very right! I feel very humble to be here and to have the chance to share what I see. And feel. The trip has been full so far. And full of surprises! I absolutely did the right thing coming over again when I did. For once I read the signs and did something about it! A lesson. πŸ˜‰ Ti abbraccio. xx

  2. jann June 4, 2012

    That first photo is really amazing, Janine! The palazzo is like a very old-fashioned “skyscraper.” I wonder when it was built? (For some reason the other photos didn’t load–I think my connection today is super slow; I’ll try again tomorrow.)

    • janinevasta June 4, 2012

      Thanks Jann. Do try again. But it’s all a variation on the theme of the first image though!! You’re right exactly. The road dips and the buildings seem to soar overhead. I need to do some homework on the dates. I just see beauty and shoot!! Baci. xx

  3. lily June 5, 2012

    Thank you for taking the time to post your photographs of Perugia, to share its warmth and beauty. I am so happy that you followed your heart and that your heart is happy, Janine! Sending smiles ~ Lily

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