Even in paradise, dreams don’t always come true…. At least not straight away.

I was on my way home last night when I snapped this little boy with his nose pressed up to the window of the most beautiful pasticceria in Corso Vannucci.

But it was getting late and his mother had other ideas….

Pasticceria Sandri – Corso Vannucci, 32  06121 – Perugia (PG)

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    • janinevasta June 9, 2012

      Here’s to us Shelagh. It doesn’t feel like such a dream when I’m here. It just feels right is all. Everything is less of a struggle. How hard can it be I ask myself to make this a more regular thing?? Bacioni.

    • janinevasta June 14, 2012

      Ma indeed they are Robyn…..I would looooove to have you In Perugia right now. We would do a lap or five or Corso Vannucci, ice cream in mano of course…. It is perfect gelato weather too! Jxxx

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