Una serata particolare

I didn’t think I’d end up actually watching the match Italia-Croatia this evening. Though I certainly knew it was going on. I mean why else would I be virtually the only person walking up the steps of Via Appia alle sette di sera on a night like tonight? Cioe’….voglio dire….

But watch it I did. I was taking photos around the crowd gathered around the TV screen outside a the very Perugian sounding Bar Stuzzichino del Grifo in Piazza Dante when I heard my friend Giulia call my name. She was sitting with her friend Stefano in the back row. Croatia had just equalised 1 -1. Stefano da galantuomo gave me his seat and stood behind us as Guilia and I sat out the next thirty minutes or so in the most well-mannered football crowd I’ve ever seen. No more goals but I still…. I had a ball!

I mean to say, any excuse is a good one per tifare Italia, no?


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    • janinevasta June 15, 2012

      Thanks Jann!! Perugia is full of dolci at the best of times. These ones caught my eye… What are you up to in Roma? It was a great way to watch the game, absolutely. I Romani would have been in top form I imagine. I Perugini are quite reserved by comparison… xx

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  2. Shelagh June 17, 2012

    Years ago we had the pleasure of watching the final World Cup italy-France match in our little local bar. It was thrilling and tons of fun. My husband had the audacity to be cheering for France…everyone was so stunned…but they did not lynch him! Italians are so fierce and passionate about football it was great to be part of the scene.

    • janinevasta June 18, 2012

      Love this story Shelagh. As much as they love football, I can’t imagine the Italians not welcoming a bit of friendly competition. Even between supporters. The bar dimension is a perfect one for sharing these sorts of events. Sort of gives you instant local status, don’t you think? Jxx

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