Sun loving Umbria style

Like everywhere in Italy it’s hot in Umbria too right now. But just because we haven’t got a coastline doesn’t stop people round here from kicking back and getting some sun. It just takes a little more imagination is all…..

The scene is the top of Monte Subasio above Assisi. Saint Francis country. The sunbathers arrive in cars. I saw them. But at first glance, I thought they must have dropped right out of the sky.


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  1. jann June 18, 2012

    Nice shots, Janine! It’s so hot here in Rome that I’m ducking out of the sun at every opportunity. I can’t believe people would actually plunk themselves out in it with no umbrella, no water, no nothing!

    • janinevasta June 19, 2012

      I’m glad you like the shots Jann! Grazie cara. Sunbathing isn’t my thing either. I have been thinking though about the incredible good sense of having a siesta in Italy. Meno male. The hours after say 6 in the evening almost make up for the hot days. I love an evening stroll… jxx

      • Robyn June 19, 2012

        I tend to head for the shade too. You’d think, growing up in Australia, I’d be a real sun bunny but anything above 24 degrees now is too hot for me. I shudder to remember slathering myself in coconut oil and lying out in 35 degrees when I was younger! Italian siesta? Now you’re talking! Being introduced to the delicious siesta in Perugia molti anni fa was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. I still adopt the practice when I can. 🙂

      • janinevasta June 21, 2012

        An an excellent idea it is Robyn! I’m learning to appreciate it more and more in the Perugia heat this week! If not you can always opt for a leisurely stroll with gelato….Jxx

  2. paninigirl June 18, 2012

    People always ask me if I go to the beach when I’m in Italy. I live in a coastal town in CA so never feel the need for the beach when in Italy.Well, I also haven’t been in Italy in the summer when it’s really hot!

    • janinevasta June 19, 2012

      Maybe one time your could try an Italian mare experience Janie. Just to compare…. I love the thing about having an Italian bar right there in the beach for one thing! 😉 Then there’s the whole beach fashion thing. The shops here in Perugia are already full of costumi da bagno. Imagine if we had a beach too! jxx

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