Yesterday, Sunday, should have been my last in Perugia for a while. I was, as we say, in partenza, with a flight from Fiumicino for later today. Instead, I’m still here. Just a few more days. I’m needed. Here almost as much as at home. And Florinda is such an extraordinary friend I knew there was no way she would have asked me to stay on if she didn’t really need me to…

So here I am. Writing this post at a table just off Corso Vannucci. It’s sweltering heat still. But just now, as I write, a breeze has sprung up. At least in the shade, si sta bene. Yesterday morning, needless to say, was an early start. To beat the heat a little and make the most of my last day. And I know from experience, my mood had everything to do with where the camera wanted to go.


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  1. umbriascribee June 26, 2012

    Janine! Wow…you’re still here! So good to see more beautiful photos and just knowing you’re still in the area gives me great pleasure. Enjoy your extended time…even if it is brutal heat. They say it’s going to hit 39 toward the end of the week. Brace yourself.

  2. orvietoorbust June 26, 2012

    Janine, I hope that your friend’s need is nothing serious. When it comes to Italy, more time is like hitting the lottery…putting off for a few more days that inevitable sinking feeling of departure from your beloved Perugia. Enjoy every single millisecond…I know you will. Hugs. toni

    • destination umbria June 27, 2012

      Thanks for your kind words Toni. It’s a big need but I hope to make a small difference for the good, as long as I can. I love being here as you well know. I’m just in my element and can’t say much more than that! I’m swimming not sinking. Not yet anyway! 🙂 Bacioni.

  3. jann June 26, 2012

    So NICE!!!! Janine. It’s amazing how so much of Umbria could almost be Sicily–at least in these shots–same vintage red door with same vintage lock, the graffiti on the metal panels, the wires, the mottled walls. You’ve got to love the “distressed” look to really love Italy! I get upset when the outside of a building gets renovated! It doesn’t have nearly the charm of the old. Have a great last day & buon viaggio back to Australia. xxxxxxxxx

    • destination umbria June 27, 2012

      I am delighted to hear that Jann. E grazie!! Both places mean so much to me. You know Sicily is where it all begins for me…I totally agree. Ageing gracefully in women and buildings is to be utterly encouraged, don’t you think? Fewer interventions the better! xxxxxxxxx

    • janinevasta June 26, 2012

      Grazie bella!!! Non so. Ogni volta che parto, lascio un pezzo di me qui in Italia, sempre piu’ grande e importante…..Sono stata benissimo qui. Grazie di essermi stata vicino! xx

      • marilovegr33n June 26, 2012

        figurati, io non ho fatto nulla….sarebbe stato bello incontrarci. Sarà per questo tuo amore per l’Italia ti sento una persona molto vicino e a me affine! la prox volta che vieni dobbiamo incontrarci! e poi si sa i posti dove non vivi ma che associ solo a bei ricordi hanno una magia in più. Have a save flight back!

  4. Mayang June 27, 2012

    Beautiful pictures! I like the different textures from the stone walls, rustic doors and old buildings. You are so lucky! I have that “mood issues” too with my camera.

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