Perugia unpacked

It’s hard work coming home. I should be used to it. And I am. But it doesn’t make the reality of dealing with time and distance and missing people and food and life any less traumatic. I envy all of you who manage to get ‘home’ (the idea is so relative) from a stint in Italy in one piece. Happily even. You know who you are. You write about your love of both places. The one you live in and the one you’d chose if you ever had to. And I’m full of admiration.

For me, I get the small but not insignificant consolation of knowing I made the most of every minute I was there. Savouring it all. Running out of time even though the days were long. Doing lots, knowing I’d have time to write about it later. At least until the incredible heat swept through in the last couple of weeks. But even then I couldn’t sit still for long. I was in Italy. And I had a party to go to.


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  1. Helen July 5, 2012

    Was in Torino yesterday and it was sweltering in the mid-30s so have to say it was a relief to get back up to the mountains. We got off the train in Oulx (one stop short of Bardonecchia) and headed for the little bar opposite the station – then sat in the rain still cooling off! But I loved every minute of it and it’s so easy for us to just pop over there from Serre Chevalier and get a pasta fix! Another prospect entirely when it’s a very long haul flight – the same reason why we haven’t yet made it to Australia or NZ. Only one thing for it, of course, and that’s to start planning the next one! Loved all the photos from your trip though and hope there’s more yet to come. in fact, they have been inspiring me to take a closer look around me and be more creative with my own shots – grazie!

    • janinevasta July 6, 2012

      How glamourous to be able to descend the mountains for a spot of shopping in Torino, Helen!!! I can only imagine the clawing heat, now that I’m back in grey Melbourne…:-) Of course the remedy is just that. The next trip. Just that I want to make it oneway I have to say! There are so many more photos from my travels I don’t now what to post next so rest assured. I will be good for a while yet. I’m really happy you’ve the photos so far. It’s been an absolute pleasure for me putting them out there. And the feedback’s lovely! Jxx

    • janinevasta July 6, 2012

      Hey Jann! Summer’s not all about beaches you know. Well in Umbria we don’t really have much choice! But after the heat of the day Perugia is still a great place to unwind and stay up late. The steps like the biggest lounge room sofa. Just be careful who you sit next to! The man selling your the bags – at least I think he was – has to be the best dressed street vendor I’ve ever seen. Neat as a pin!

  2. Shelagh July 5, 2012

    Here’s how I deal with it. I remind myself that I live in a place (Canada) full of riches, that is rated as having one of the highest quality of life indexes in the world, whose economy is not in tatters, whose politics is (relatively) sane, where I can raise girls to be equal with boys, and where I can earn a good living. You live in the same kind of place! And Italy – for all that it creates an ache in the heart when one departs – remains where it is, for you to come to again, for longer, sometime when it’s right for you to do so.

    You will make that time happen – it’s just not right now. That’s my two cents… and hugs to you in your withdrawal.

    • janinevasta July 6, 2012

      I really appreciate your two cents Shelagh. Any time. You are of course someone I had in mind writing this post. It’s a timing thing, you’re exactly right. Mine will come. But I know Italy so well. I leave more of me there than I take away. So in Australia I struggle to find the inspiration. I know that might sound like an overstatement but it takes so very little for me to be happy in Italy and so much concerted effort to be happy here. Something’s not quite right. But I’ll hang on and sort it out. With your help! xx

      • Shelagh July 7, 2012

        Home is where the heart is. And it’s not necessarily rational! So I guess you’ll just have to find a way to make it happen sooner rather than later. You go, girl!

  3. Debra Kolkka July 5, 2012

    I’m with Shelagh! I love Italy, as you know, but there are some serious problems for those who live there full time, and it can be very difficult to make a living there unless you have family connections.
    I think living in 2 great places is the best way to enjoy life. I hope Melbourne is kind to you for a while.

    • janinevasta July 6, 2012

      Thanks Debra!!! You are so level-headed about these things and I truly admire your approach. Grazie! We’re all a little different though. I should have made the switch a while ago. The pull just gets bigger every time. Who knows why… I guess it’s love. I can forgive Italy everything. And, as I said to Shelagh, need so little to feel happy there. Melbourne hasn’t worked like that for a while now. But still I count my blessings!

  4. lily July 5, 2012

    I’m glad that you had a wonderful trip, Janine. And, at least you don’t have to unpack everything, not the most important and special things: your happy memories of Perugia. ~ Lily

    • janinevasta July 6, 2012

      I’m keeping things as close as I can Lily. Only unpacking what I need to. And of course the chance to share all my best times on the blog – with you – is a huge comfort and so much fun for me. If you knew how often I thought of you and how you were doing when I was away… I hope at least some of those wishes got through. xxx

  5. Robyn July 5, 2012

    After you have said your hellos, had all your welcome-home hugs and kisses, unpacked the suitcase, and taken a deep breath, there’s a certain coffee house that might help to restore your equilibrium … a good place to sit quietly and start putting all those thoughts and experiences into words. A big hug from me too. xxx

    • janinevasta July 6, 2012

      Dear Robyn, I have some stories to tell you too! How wonderful it would be to be able to conjure you up for a coffee at ‘a certain coffee house’. It would be a two-cappuccino session I know! Un abbraccio grande pure a te. xxx

    • janinevasta July 6, 2012

      Exactly Jeannie! I am a shy retiring type…but put me in front of a street band with a lovely happy crowd like this one and I have been know to dance! Incredible I know! Baci!!!!

  6. paninigirl July 6, 2012

    Welcome home! I too savor every minute when I’m in Italy and then try to keep a little bit of that feeling alive when I get home. It’s not easy, but I know I will be back there again and that keeps me going here at home!

    • janinevasta July 6, 2012

      O grazie Janie. I feel I’m being a bit morose. But I guess the bigger the pleasure and the passion the bigger the gap you feel inside when you’re not there anymore…. Still. I would swap the highs for anything. I will take a leaf – and a recipe or two – from you book my dear! Un bacio.

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