Unfinished business


I can’t say I’ve even bought so much as a panino from the little panetteria on the steps of Porta Trasimena. But every time I come back I’m glad to see it’s still there. Shops that kind of straddle steps come se fosse niente always make me smile in Perugia. Especially in a setting like this one. With its jaunty hand-painted sign and saffron curtain. The little bakery that could…. I give it a little cheer. Next time, I say to myself. Next time I’m in Perugia I’ll come and buy my bread from you.


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    • janinevasta July 7, 2012

      It’s a pleasure I’ve been putting up but if the aroma is as charming as the look of the place we’re in for a treat! I always linger outside bakeries in Italy – if only for the smell!

  1. jann July 6, 2012

    It looks much too cute to pass up! Even if you have to go up and down a few hundred steps to get your bread. And I’m crazy about the beaded curtains on the doorway. (Nowadays they’re usually plastic, but still–they’re so emblematic of the Mediterranean.)

    • janinevasta July 7, 2012

      There’ s some very keen competition in Perugia – as I’m sure you know Jann. My loyalties lie elsewhere on the pastry and bread front for now but this little shop is a sentimental favourite. Curtains on doorways are a very sensible idea in the south – apart from having a lot of charm…. Like so many little things, they make the difference. xxx

    • janinevasta July 7, 2012

      That will be my pleasure Debra. I’ll have to find another bakery to stalk but that won’t be a problem. There are many I’ve never set foot in that look delightful all the same. Meantime I’ll put this one on the itinerary for our Perugia walking tour!

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