One Sunday in Florence


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    • janinevasta July 9, 2012

      Jeannie, so you’re another who collects postcards – rather than send them….;-) I would love to be able to tell you the violinist was playing something sweet and romantic. I honestly couldn’t hear him about the din in Florence than day – tourists everywhere!!! I’m sure it was something just a little sad. Yet he looked so smart in his grey…Maybe he was sponsored by Gucci across the road? You never know.

    • janinevasta July 9, 2012

      Ciao Elisa!!! I’m finally settling back – till next time. Italy was wonderful. Wonderfully warm too…. You deserve a lovely break in Italia after all your hard work. Let yourself be pampered by la famiglia. Have a lovely time. xxx

    • janinevasta July 9, 2012

      I know you love Florence too Debra! Si, I visited the Palazzo Davanzati I think it was two winters ago. It was a lovely surprise. Empty but for me so I was lucky. Florence has some wonderful second tier museums that hardly anyone seems to know about, don’t you think?

      • Debra Kolkka July 10, 2012

        I am often the only one in the Palazzo Davanzati, I love it, particularly the parrot room. I take all my friends there. I think I have been 20 times and I never get tired of it. Why queue for the busy ones when you can just walk right in to some of the lesser known ones?

  1. jann July 11, 2012

    Those lollipop-colored dresses in the window are too too sweet! And I like all the bikes. It seems to me that Italians are doing more bike riding in cities these days–or at least I saw a lot of cycling in the back streets of Rome.

    • janinevasta July 11, 2012

      I agree Jann! On all fronts. I have been window shopping those dresses since Marabella was a baby. The shop is in that busy busy strip, just as you come off Ponte Vecchio. And bikes are definitely taking over. All over! I saw the share bike racks in Rome but the coolest are the old, slightly battered ones casually lent up against a wall. Ready for the likes of us to snap! šŸ˜‰

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