Two’s company


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    • janinevasta July 19, 2012

      Oh I’m so glad you like it Jann. Suore seem to pop out of nowhere in Italy. Notwithstanding a convent education, I love them I must say. And I love that particular boutique in Perugia. The window displays always do justice to the lovely things inside. You could tell that signora in the photo knew a thing or two! xx

    • janinevasta July 19, 2012

      Grazie cara! These nuns are old school, proper nuns and I love them too! It was sweet to see them helping each other uphill like that and they were often there to ‘greet’ me on my way to the bar of a morning.

      • Cathy Powell July 19, 2012

        Even though I’m not Catholic, I developed a great affection for the nuns who ran the asilo where my daughter spent her last year of preschool 🙂 I can just imagine how their greeting of you would be.

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