A penny for your thoughts


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  1. jann July 22, 2012

    Oh, they are all so pensive, aren’t they? The lovely hardware man with his ponytail is very deep in thought–about what, I wonder? Nails and hammers and brushes and glue? I doubt it! And I love the pope who seems to be blessing the sister.

    • janinevasta July 22, 2012

      The hardware man brings a tear to my eye Jann I have to say. I’d seen him earlier that morning and he was looking a little worried then…
      I love the nun shot too I have to say. I just wish she’d been raising her hand too! xx

  2. lily July 22, 2012

    People are endlessly intriguing, aren’t they? I love people-watching through your lens, Janine. The settings and the shots are always gorgeous. ~ Lily

    • janinevasta July 22, 2012

      You know Lily, I used to shy away from taking shots with people but no more. They are far too fascinating it’s true. Thank you for your sweet words. I am just so happy to have you there looking over my shoulder!

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