Don’t say we didn’t warn you


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  1. orvietoorbust August 1, 2012

    Janine. Stop??? I never noticed that the stop signs are in English. Funny. Another sign that always confuses me is the “H” for Hospital…which I understand is the international symbol for Hospital, but since there is no “H” in “Ospidale”…it’s a little weird. Anyway. Love the signs. hugs.t

    • janinevasta August 1, 2012

      How funny Toni. Gosh, you must really be in the zone when you’re in Italy. Too many other things to take your eye perhaps? Round Perugia way there’s also the hospital symbol with a sweet little single bed. White on blue with a red cross. Very smart. 😉 It’s nice you like the signs too. Tutto bene? Un abbraccio. xxx

  2. lily August 3, 2012

    Even the signage is fascinating in Italy, isn’t it? Sometimes it is weathered as if to blend with its background buildings, and other times it serves as a shot of colour (along with imparting info., of course!). Thank you for another fun tour, Janine! Happiness, ~ Lily

      • marilovegr33n August 12, 2012

        Invece anche le tue mie cara…soprattutto perché si capisce che spesso sono fatte con il cuore, cogliendo ciò che realmente ti piace. Credo sia questo che rende speciale una foto, molto più che la giusta luce o la perfetta inquadratura.

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