I want what she’s having

Panetteria Pasticceria CO.FO.PA Piazza Matteotti 12, 06121 Perugia (PG) ITALY


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    • janinevasta August 4, 2012

      Enjoy the countdown Denise. Anticipating and planning a trip to Italy is nearly as good as being there. Nearly. You’ll be there in time for an early Spring I hope! Where are you off to first I wonder…. I can’t help asking. I just love hearing about everyone’s Italy plans… 😉

      • deniseblackman August 4, 2012

        Yes! I enjoy the planning a lot, and the anticipation too! I hope Italia has an early spring next year, I’ll be in Orvieto the month of March. Last fall I visited a few places for a 3 month stay in 2014, hope to view a few more in March. I love your photos of everyday life, they truly make me yearn to be there!

      • janinevasta August 5, 2012

        Grazie di cuore Denise. I will try to inspire a bit more yearning then before your own wonderful sojourn in Umbria!

  1. lily August 4, 2012

    Yes, she looks so happy about her purchase and can’t wait to get out of the store to eat it!
    I love all of the other people (and doggie) in this photo, too. Is that your reflection in the stripes, Janine? And the couple, another customer, and the patisserie chef or clerk…a lot of stories, here! Well done, perfect pastry. ~ Lily

    • janinevasta August 4, 2012

      She looks like I used to look. When I wasn’t taking photos in the morning Lily, I’d be slinking from one breakfast to another and this little place was often my second port of call! That’s me you can see reflected in the glass. I love the random collection of characters too. I was so lucky. I can tell you at least that the bakery assistant I got to know quite well and she seemed such a lovely girl. Always smiling and just the sunny disposition you want to greet you in the morning. I miss them all. Not to mention the cornetto which I will now crave until next time! There is no substitute if you know what I mean. Thank you for your sweet words which so inspire me too! Truly. Jxx

  2. alicematilda August 4, 2012

    Another photo filled with people and their stories! Your posts always makes me smile. Really like the little dog in this one, seems like he want’s to go inside and also get something delicious : )

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