Sugar high

I’m not even a sweet lover most of the time but today I could be persuaded….

Take your pick!

Gelateria Gambrinus Via Bonazzi, 3 06123 Perugia (PG) 075 5735620


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    • janinevasta August 19, 2012

      When it was really, really melting hot in Italy in June I had the limone Sarah. It was like tasting lemons for the first time! A seriously good gelateria for when you’re next in Perugia. 😉

  1. jann August 17, 2012

    I SCREAM for ice cream–those bars look absolutely amazing. It’s a good thing I don’t live in Perugia because I would have to have one of those on a daily basis and I can barely fit into my jeans as it is…

    • janinevasta August 19, 2012

      Makes me wonder how you cope in Sicily Jann. 😉 That really would be temptation at every turn! At least in Perugia you can indulge then just make sure you do a few circuits of the stairs before bedtime! Not so easy in 40 degree heat though I grant you but those ice creams do look worth it. x

    • janinevasta August 19, 2012

      I don’t indulge in gelato all that often myself Jeannie. Which makes it all the more special. But two years is a long time! Is that because they don’t have good gelato in Singapore I wonder? If so, I really will have to arrange a shipment. On humanitarian grounds!

      • JeannieRichard August 19, 2012

        LOL! That would be awesome to get some authentic gelato 😉
        We have a Gelaré here but its near us, so not worth to travel all the way to town to get some ice cream.
        We have a Haagen Dazs but very expensive. For just two scoops, I have to pay about $10, forget it… it is not wonder their parlor is always empty.

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