Addicted to walking


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  1. jann August 24, 2012

    I wonder about the couple in the bright red jackets. I thought they looked like jockeys, but no, they’ve got long white aprons. Wait persons? Butchers on their way to work?? Actors?

    • janinevasta August 25, 2012

      Nice work Jann. They’re baristas at Bar Sandri – the most traditional bar in Corso Vannucci – right down to the uniforms. I couldn’t resist including this shot of the pair of them heading back to work. If they turned around I’d know their faces too. They’ve been wearing those red jackets for years!

  2. JeannieRichard August 25, 2012

    We are lovers of walking too!
    We everyday to the mall, up the bridge, through the park and back the same route after dinner and instead of stopping the lift at our floor, we walk 4 floors up 😛
    But what I miss most are days when Richard and I would take a few hours off in the late afternoon once a week to walk through the estate, looking at people’s homes and feeding stray kitties 🙂

    • janinevasta August 26, 2012

      You are such a girl after my own heart Jeannie. If there’s a lift/stair option I always always take the stair. 😉 I even do it at the metro stations! I hope you find time for those late afternoon walks again soon. Jx

    • janinevasta September 4, 2012

      You’d be surprised Robyn. Italians love their cars too. I’m sure you remember the unlikely places they find to park them. Especially in Perugia! I think the one who’s addicted to walking is me!!!

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